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Catching up [Aug. 22nd, 2008|07:44 am]
The Cardiff Mafia


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Despite my best intentions, I let this comm fall by the wayside when I lost internet access for about a month earlier this year.  Some of these will be familiar to you from other comms, but I'm a comletist, so.  Here's some catch-up, from most recent to oldest:

Lalla Ward's dog, which is suffering a rare and serious illness, is up for an award.

DigitalSpy reports that Catherine Tate would be up for a return to DW.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl will premiere on Sept 2 in Australia, at 10:30pm on the 9 Network.  Observe the photoshopped knickers!

Meanwhile, the first UK trailer for series 2 is up.  I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to have a good time playing "spot the really obvious body double" this year.  But I love the Agyness Deyn-style outfit she, er, slips out of.

An interview with Noel Clarke from June, on the release of Adulthood.  “Because I never went to drama school, I have to be even more self-critical when I look at my performances. There are a lot of actors who say, ‘Oh, I can’t watch myself… Once I’ve given all my energy, I have to leave,’” he grins, throwing a limp palm to his forehead. “Fair dues to them, but I don’t buy it. How will I ever know if I’m getting better, or if I’m making the same mistakes again and again?”

Billie's secret is out.  An LA Times interview with Billie, and the head of Showtime, about SDoaCG.

The Onion AV Club interview with Freema Agyeman.  "I found a lot of comfort in the fact that 30-odd people have been companions before me."

With Freema cast in Little Dorrit, a Guardian blogger asks why shouldn't costume dramas be ethnically diverse?

And, from way back in January, a Telegraph profile of Billie Piper.